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Since forming in 2008, Protomartyr have made an incredible effort in reviving post-punk. Their discography boasts an evolving sound progressing from foundational aesthetics to an incredibly fresh take on the genre. Their new approach blends politics with Nick Cave - like rhetoric and rumbling bass and drums. The result is an intense, but an equally captivating sound that continuously evolves over each project.

Their 2017 effort 'Relatives in Descent' shows them at their highest point yet (see here), and the companion EP 'Consolidation' pushes the experimentation and almost violent lyricism to a new edge (see here). Their upcoming record 'Ultimate Success Today' is due to release mid-July, and the singles show no sign of Protomartyr slowing down, nor compromising any element of their creative bounds.

'Ultimate Success Today' out July 17th, 2020.

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