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Elusive Instrumental Genius.

Being no stranger to critical acclaim, Madlib is a fundamental contributor to abstract rap and new jazz music. From his recent landmark collaborations with Freddie Gibbs to his cornerstone work as Madvilliany (with the late great MF Doom) and now 'Sound Ancestors' with Four Tet, Otis Jackson Jr. has a production legacy unmatched for a modern music figure.

Madlib's influences are best heard on his masterful remix work of the Blue Note catalogue from 2003. This sample-driven homage places him in a high tier of early 2000's producers, alongside J Dilla who he also collaborated with under the alias 'Jaylib', on 'Champion of Sound' released the same year.

This all followed his critically adored debut released under his rap persona, Quasimoto, with 'The Unseen' and the 2013 followup 'Yessir, Whatever', both being tastefully understated blends of soul and rap aesthetics, to relax and invigorate.

The Stones Throw label alumni also has ties in blood to the industry as his brother, Oh No, also produces. Our personal favourite is his 2019 collaboration with Blu ('A Long Hot Los Angeles Summer Night'), an intricate and visual concept album about crime and consequence.

And then there is 2004's Madvilliany and 2014's Pinata, both of which are deserving of endless praise and adoration, and are modern classics and demand immediate listening.

And as Madlib continues to grow his repertoire of projects and collaborators, the best is yet to come.

'Shades of Blue', 'Pinata' and 'Bandana' are available in the store now.

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