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The Scottish Indie legends do not miss a beat in their first major effort since 2005. Duo Aidan Moffat and Malcolm Middleton retain all of the humour and darkness of their earlier works ('Philophobia' and 'Elephant Shoe') but with a renewed perspective of the modern world and self-awareness to boot.

'As Days Get Dark' holds the same clouded morality and deviance that the group established themselves on and is brimming with stories, allegories and observations equally perverted and occasionally profound. The existential hedonism of 'Here Comes Comus!', with its post-punk atmosphere, contrasts the intimate 'Bluebird', which shows the incredible emotional range on the album that never feels overdone.

The continued themes of drug abuse, sex and urban decline are fleshed out further with groups newfound maturity with more intelligent observations on addiction via the six and a half minute 'Sleeper', and the admitted desperation of the songs conclude with the final nail that is 'Just Enough'.

The thematic imagery and atmospheric electronics drive the storytelling and characters on the record to high's rarely reached. The group have outdone themselves on their grand return. And in doing so, have earned their place next to Sleaford Mods and Kae Tempest as masters of new European storytelling.

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