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SPEED have been continuing a monumental rise both here in AUS & on the international stage. And that’s all due to them being one of the best hardcore acts of the last twenty years.

The five boys from Sydney started to gain momentum with a few singles in 2019/2020. But things took off in early 2022 when their annual Back On The Map festival began to pick up some serious numbers alongside their incredible single and opener ‘Not That Nice’. Since then, the band’s since gone to the USA twice, with their headlining of the LA HC festival, Sound & Fury being the crown jewel.

And this is the centrepiece of it all. Six songs, fourteen minutes, pure hardcore. It encapsulates everything great about the genre in a sheer sensory assault that hits like a bolt of lightning. Loaded with gang vocals, breakdowns and heavy on slang, it’s uniquely Australian but still channels the HC sounds of classic artists like Sick Of It All. Just see ‘Another Toy’ & ‘Move’ for just how good things can get. And of course, there’s the acapella outro on ‘Big Bite’ which stands out as one of our favourite moments of 2022.

Just now having passed 18 months it’s released and it still hits hard. It’s already easy to look back on and see its importance. It’s a defining moment for the new HC resurgence in Australia and the rest of the world. They’re up there with Drain, Zulu, Turnstile and Soul Glo. And it’s cool that they managed to make fans out of Post Malone.

‘GANG CALLED SPEED’ is available in the Store now.

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