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Ghosteen is the excellent seventeenth album from Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and is the third instalment of the band's current stylistic approach. It serves as the final companion piece to its highly successful predecessors, ‘Push the Sky Away’ (2013) and ‘Skeleton Tree’ (2016). The album continues to reconcile with the sudden passing of Nick's son, Arthur, in continually haunting and beautiful tones and imagery.

The themes expressed are continually abstract and fantastical as Nick retreats further into symbolism and mythology than ever before, creating a refuge and audible world that expresses his grief, reconciliation and hope. Warren Ellis continues to provide his incredible atmospheres with consistent synthesising that cuts as much as it compliments the mood of the songs. Hearing 'Galleon Ship' or the title track 'Ghosteen' confirms just why the two are the perfect pairing.

The second disc of this ambitious double album is composed of spoken word pieces which give further introspection to the first disc. These final three tracks do a great job in consolidating the album's themes sonically and lyrically, whilst providing catharsis to the emotional exploration that is Ghosteen.

It is a must-listen for any Nick Cave fan and puts another star in their discography.

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