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Having now been a year since it's release, and now with a sister album to pair with it, 'There Existed An Addiction To Blood' has further shown Sub Pop heavyweights Clipping to be some the most innovative and versatile musicians of the last ten years.

The album is a dark, immersive collection of murders, hauntings and generally spooky stories, driven by rapid-fire lyrics of Daveed Diggs and harsh, noisy instrumentals of William Hutson and Jonathan Snipes. By this point, they are all veteran musicians across their respective solo pursuits. If you didn't know, Daveed Diggs has one of the most impressive resumes in music today and is serious EGOT material. From starring in Hamilton to appearing on Sesame Street to his riveting performance in the criminally underrated film 'Blindspotting' (2018), to winning a Hugo Prize in Science Fiction Literature for the groups last masterpiece, 'Splendour in Misery'. Diggs is an incredible polymath, with the album showing just why he deserves the acclaim.

The album is an experimental horror rollercoaster that is as visual as it is breathtaking. Highlights include the occult 'Blood of the Fang' to 'La Mala Ordina' (featuring the Griselda heavy hitter, Benny the Butcher), to the Carpenter-esque opener 'Nothing is Safe', to the closing experimental Annea Lockwood piece 'Piano Burning'. Clipping only continues to truly challenge listeners with an uncompromising execution of cutting edge rap that shows them to be serious contenders for legendary status.

This is a great entry point into the band for newcomers, however, we recommend everything the group has released. The brother/sister pairing of this and the recent 'Visions of Bodies Being Burned', Clipping continue to redefine themselves, and we couldn't sing any higher praises.

'There Existed An Addiction to Blood ' available now in the store.
'Visions of Bodies Being Burned' coming soon.

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