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We're picking up right where we left off before Christmas with a band that we haven't discussed much in the past. Regardless of how you feel, it's hard to deny that the RHCP are a lot of fun. The self-proclaimed 'good time boys' deliver exactly that on their last effort from the 20th century.

Having been a band for over 15 years by this point, 'Californication' is arguably Kiedis and Co. at the height of their commercial success. Whilst the album is easier on the ears than 'Blood Sugar Sex Magik' with the standard treatment from Rick Rubin, it melds all the sounds the band had been orbiting since their inception.

The funk, the ballads, the hits and the stadium rock all come together for an hour of unadulterated fun. 'Scar Tissue', 'Otherside' and 'Porcelain' provide tender melodic contrast to the big, dumb, loud tracks like the opener 'Around the World', 'Get On Top' and 'Purple Stain'.

The intricate blasts of Flea's bass lay trademark across all tracks, with John Frusciante making a welcome return as his absence is felt across all releases without him. And Chad Smith lays his signature drum work under Kiedis's idiosyncratic rap/singing vocal style to make for the peak Chili Peppers release.

Easily recommended. A classic for its approachability, and creative melding of genres. 

'Californication' and other selected works are available in the Store now.

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