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The underrated precursor to the legendary 'Common People' is equal parts juvenile, nostalgic and fantastical.

'His 'N' Hers' saw the brit-pop idols hone their glossy brand of rock with songs about affairs, romance and heartbreak. The wit and cheek of Jarvis Cocker took full flight in 1994, which saw Pulp's longstanding grind of over a decade finally pay off with everything coming together sonically and thematically.

The album has the hits ('Do You Remember the First Time?'), the ballads ('Happy Endings') and gems ('Lipgloss'). We consider this a sister album to the following year's classic, and also not admired for the leap forward this record was for brit-pop and Pulp. It's a testament to the band as this is one of the best one-two releases of all time and a great place to start for new listeners.

This is essential for fans of genre, movement and band. An often-overlooked gem from the real heroes of brit-pop.

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