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Over 30 years on, and this record's beauty never is lost on us.


The kaleidoscopic masterpiece debut from The Stone Roses remains one of the most enchanting rock experiences of all time. At the risk of beating a dead horse, we still want to sing praises about it. It is simply that good a record.


The dream-like production that weaves in out of abstract ideas ('Don't Stop') to straightforward driving grooves ('She Bangs the Drums') to the multiphased closer 'I Am the Resurrection', every single track is perfectly placed and executed. All songs to expand and experiment on the tones and emotions of the one and only opener, 'I Wanna Be Adored’, which is one of the best opening songs we’ve heard to date.


Predating the tired Britpop movement, and falling smack bang in the middle of Madchester, Factory Records and the Hacienda, it documents a time in British history that anyone who was there will know about this album. It is the tip of the pyramid of a moment for Britain that will never repeat, and listening to it immediately provides an idea of what it sounded like.


Whatever the band has since undertaken, from 'Second Coming' to arena shows to conspiracy theories, the self-titled debut is the band's contribution to music, which the world is better off for. From Ian Brown’s hazy vocals to Reni’s tight drumming (best heard on the single ‘Fool’s Gold’) and John Squire’s reverb-laden guitars, all elements are perfect, making it mandatory listening for all.


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