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Continuing the throwback aesthetics of ‘After Hours’, ‘Dawn FM’ banks further down the road with an even grander sound and stronger concept.

Despite being one of the year’s first and biggest releases, it is a standout in the Weeknd’s catalogue alongside being a gem in contemporary music.

The album's sweet production comes courtesy of EDM heavyweights Swedish House Mafia and seasoned collaborator OneOhTrixPointNever. The mix of EDM and his signature rap/R&B crossover makes for another glossy album of hits and ballads alike.

The concept of the album being a radio station is nothing new (see ‘Songs for the Deaf’), but it still works here with Jim Carey of all options playing host to the occult-ish titular station. Marking the penultimate release in the new ‘Afterlife’ trilogy, tracks like ‘Gasoline’, ‘Sacrifice’ and ‘I Heard You’re Married’ show just why these releases are bound for continued commercial and critical fame.

It’s rare to see major releases like these execute their sonic and conceptual ideas this well. Other examples include the latest from Beyonce and Dua Lipa spring to mind.

It’s exciting to hear and makes us genuinely hopeful for the future of music.

‘Dawn FM’ and ‘After Hours’ are available in the Store now. 

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