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Hit-loaded and packed with his signature crossover style, 'After Hours' is the promising first instalment of the new trilogy of records from The Weeknd.

The 2020 comeback marked the first true embrace of the revivalist synthpop approach as shown by the earlier collaborations with Daft Punk on 2016's 'Starboy'. But with production from Oneohtrix Point Never and mega-hits like 'Blinding Lights' and 'Save Your Tears', Abel mixes a healthy amount of diversity to his established moody R&B sound.

There are still generous helpings of his previous melancholia on 'Snowchild' and the penultimate title track for those wanting the throwback. Now having been followed up with this year's 'Dawn FM', the 80's synthwave aesthetics have been further embedded into the new trilogy's foundation. And 'After Hours' serves as the bold initial mission statement to mark the tasteful move into dance and pop from one of the most commercially successful artists in recent years.

'After Hours' is a great example of how commercial crossover can be done tastefully and serve a vital purpose for reinvigorating artists. There's bound to be something for everyone, but this never compromises the consistency and likability of this gem.

‘After Hours’ is available in the Shop now.

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