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Feature Album Turnover

There hasn’t been a single person that I’ve told about this album that hasn’t loved it. It has this almost magical effect of sweeping away listeners with its beautiful soundscapes and tranquil serenity.

As it edges to its 10th anniversary, it remains a beautiful little gem of a record that divides the world into those who love it, and those who haven’t heard it. Turnover despite gathering a bigger following remains in relative obscurity compared to the success of their contemporaries (e.g. Turnstile).

The easiest way to describe the record is dreamy. It’s unsuspecting as it’s fairly simple with almost structures and writing resembling pop-punk more than Cocteau Twins, but that’s not what ropes most in. I’d say it’s how sentimental, simple and beautiful the songs are.

The Rx references are abundant and probably the best reference point for the state induced by the atmosphere of the reverb-drenched guitars and vocals. ‘New Scream’ and Diazepam’ are drug ballads for the new generation based on melancholy rather than partying. ‘Humming’ and ‘Dizzy On the Comedown’ are cornerstones here and are shining examples of how high the hooks can reach. But it’s important to remember that there isn’t a bad track on here, and the 40-odd minutes here breezes by like nothing else.

It’s a surreal and entrancing record that doesn’t overstay its welcome. It’s universal in its appeal and application, and I’m yet to find someone who doesn’t like it.

I’ve grown with it and continue to take it with me as everyone else I know who knows it does.

It’s a hidden masterpiece of the 2010s and demands your attention yesterday. 

‘Peripheral Vision’ is available in the Shop now.

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