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Heavy music history in the making.

After holding down the hardcore genre for the better part of a decade, Baltimore punks Turnstile swept the world off of its feet in 2021 with the best heavy album of that year, and one of the best records from the genre of all time.

‘GLOW ON’ is a landmark 35-minutes of immaculate dreamy production that takes the likes of their contemporaries (e.g. Turnover) and melds it with the signature slamming sound of the New York HC (see Youth of Today, Sick of It All, etc).

The result has been a critical and commercial landslide with the band breaking boundaries to draw massive crowds and bring the music to new audiences. And that’s even before the immense quality of the songs.

The breakdowns, the choruses, the rhythms and gang vocals are incredible from the opening notes of ‘MYSTERY’ to the fading notes of one of two Blood Orange collaborations ‘LONELY DEZIRES’. And there’s the bombastic ‘BLACKOUT’ as it screams from it’s adrenaline-packed chorus to mammoth-sized breakdown, which is rivalled by ‘HOLIDAY’ for the sheer ocean-spanning sound that has cracked arenas, festivals and theatres alike. To pack it all off, there’s the anthemic ’T.L.C’ which throws everything at the wall with breakneck speeds to see just how loud and fast the record can go.

But that’s not to excuse the almost tender and thoughtful moments to contrast the hardcore elements. ‘ALIEN LOVE CALL’ is more a Blood Orange soundscape than a Turnstile track, and ‘UNDERWATER BOI’ slows things down to a chunkier pace, but remains as captivating as it is emotive.

Higher praises can be rarely sung about a record, and it’s a classic in the making. Essential listening for all rock and heavy fans.

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