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For this week's feature record, we have the loud and poetic Fontaines D.C. With their raw approach to post-punk and pub rock, it’s easy to see why they’re one of the best bands to emerge from the new European rock movement. Forming in 2017, the band has come a long way over a very short time.

As it stands, their material is comprised solely of the Mercury Prize-nominated debut ‘Dogrel’. The album serves as everything it is heralded as, one of the best pure rock records in recent years. The rock tropes present are all refreshed between the almost spoken word/shouted vocal style of Grian Chatten, and the accompanying onslaught of drums and postpunk guitars. The lyrics range from politics to Irish culture to sometimes pure symbolism, all of which is charming as it is infectious. Just see the albums brief but sweet opener 'Big'.

The band picked up critical attraction immediately with their 2018 singles ‘Liberty Belle’ and the standout ‘Boys in the Better Land’. The latter of which they performed at the Mercury Prize awards, acting as a benchmark for the band in their efforts to breakthrough into the up and coming scene alongside IDLES and Black Midi.

As it stands, the band are planning to finally go through their debut sold-out Australian tour in December, and I’m praying it goes ahead. I wish there was more to write about them as it stands, but with relative self-serious radio silence and one project, the rest is up to their followup album 'A Hero's Death', which is being released in July (see the title track here). Until then, ‘Dogrel’ is what we have, and I can’t recommend it any higher for any rock fans.

Dogrel is available now through the store, pick yourself up a copy now.

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