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Circle Feature Album Richard Dawson

Fresh off the press is the prog-rock odyssey from the brilliant minds of British bard, Richard Dawson, and rhythmic masters, Circle.

The fusion of sounds may seem strange in theory, but within the opening minutes of 'Cooksonia', all is well as the execution is flawless in writing and music. The deep grooves of Circle's instrumentation entwine with the balladry and storytelling of Dawson on every corner of the record. The conceptual melding of the dystopian imagery and almost existential repetition and layering of melodies drive the prog-rock sounds into brilliant new territories.

Both artists are no stranger to this, as Dawson has documented the social decline of our times with the outstanding brother-sister albums of 'Peasant' (2017) and one of our favourite records of the last 10 years, '2020' (2019). Circle has also been crafting their sound for over 30 years with countless live and studio albums under their belt. They are the perfect band to explore the genres that underlie the record.

Exploring botany, history, and cautionary tales, the album is a late-great contender for one of the best releases of the year. As a project alone from either artist would warrant significant attention, but their collaboration yields one of the most rewarding and creative progressive rock albums in recent memory.

Absolutely essential for any prog fan, or an admirer of the works of Dawson or Circle.

Available now in the Store.

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