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Bringing things home, we want to highlight one of the best local talents to grace our ears in a good, long while.

The latest collaborative effort from Nick Garbett and Mike Majkowski, 'The Glider', is another gem in the growing catalogue of contemporary Australian jazz. The album boasts serious momentum and cinematic flare with soaring trumpet solos and intricate rhythms from a host of the best drummers in Aus (including contributions from Tony Buck of The Necks).

The album is expertly crafted from front to back. ‘Mid Mountains’, acts as the perfect touchstone for what the album has to hold. Spacious and soaring melodies float across the effortlessly brilliant instrumentation from Majkowski, all elevating Garbett's work. The comparisons to Ennio Morricone are justified, as this is an excellent perspective on the signature western soundtrack aesthetic.

Although at times bold and untamed, the album is not afraid to veer into more patient and atmospheric spaces. Tracks like ‘Aerial’ and ‘Alba’ boast the ‘In A Silent Way’ influences with care and taste. By merging Jazz fusion and the sounds of the western, the result is an outstanding creative endeavour to benchmark another step forward for the community.

Nick is taking ‘The Glider’ on the road again in early February. The tour is boasting a stellar live ensemble featuring Dave Rodriguez (GODTET), Finn Ryan and Matt Keegan. The Sydney show is also a double bill with the Hilary Geddes Quartet, which is not to be missed. Check out Nick’s page for all touring details.

'The Glider' is available in the Store now.

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