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The brilliance of the Mods is perfectly captured in this 2015 performance in Berlin.

We are always stunned with Sleaford Mods' continuous release of cutting edge material. The moment when things reached a pinnacle for us was the 2015 album, ‘Key Markets’, which we believe shows the band at their most aggressive and where the production caught up with the genius of Jason Williamson. It is a concise serving of the justifiable rage at the social decline of modern life.

This same passion and seething emotion are translated perfectly into the live setting, something anyone who has seen the band can testify. During this timeframe, the band recorded a sold-out show in Berlin and delivered this physical-only release to make one of our favourite live records of the 2010s.

The record perfectly captures Willamson’s incredible prose over the minimal drum beats and melodies courtesy of Andrew Fearn. The interactions with the crowd show the small club atmosphere with chants from the near decade long dedicated fanbase. ‘Jobseeker’, ‘Tied Up In Nottz, ‘McFlurry’. The hits are all here alongside the scathing material on ‘Key Markets’.

This is essential for all Mods fans and remains an unearthed gem in both their catalogue and the wider pool of releases of the era.

'Live at SO36' is available in the Store now.

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