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Feature Album Fontaines D.C.

The boys are back and bigger than ever.

With a newfound flair for genre and a reinvigorated approach to songwriting, Fontaines D.C bounce back from the melancholic ‘A Hero’s Death’ with another revised helping of their signature sound, but with more punch and depth than ever before.

From the droning ‘Big Shot’ to the deep rhythms of ‘Skinty Fia’, and the closing notes of ‘Nabakov’, the band reprise their album formula with a creative force rarely seen in contemporary rock bands. 

The easiest comparison to make is The Stone Roses as they have the same dissonant guitar tones and breezy atmospheres, but with some characteristic sharp surprises. Here they set themselves apart yet again as they are bold enough to not recycle their tropes, but venture into risks like Gaelic hymns, folk tales or drug abuse balladry.

This is another incredible release from true creative powerhouses. It wows on every track and will be a cornerstone in the brilliant legacy of one of Ireland's best bands of the 2010s/2020s.

'Skinty Fia' , 'A Heros Death' and 'Dogrel' are all available in the Store now.

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