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Durutti Column "The Return of the Durutti Column" (1980)

LP (NEW) - Vinyl, Factory Benelux, UK, 2018, FBN 114, Vinyl LP + Bonus 7" Test Card Single 45 RPM Clear Vinyl, White Die-Cut Sleeve w/ Black Glasspaper Insert

The Return of the Durutti Column is the debut album from Vini Riley's Manchester based project Durutti Column, released in 1980. Everything about this brilliant album is out of time and out of place. Vini Reilly, the 'ugly duckling' of Factory Records, was completely disassociated from what was happening in 'Madchester' scene of the early '80s and yet this album is timeless in its appeal. Comprising sparse guitar arpeggios from Vini, over even sparser bass and drums, the music could have been a disaster had it not been for Vini's singular musical vision, coupled with the production genius of Martin Hannett. The Return of the Durutti Column still enjoys glorious obscurity despite it still sounding fresh and inventive Forty years after it was recorded. In line with it's anti-commercial ethos, the original album packaging, created by Factory Records' very own Tony Wilson, featured an album sleeve made of abrasive sandpaper which would deliberately damage other records adjacent to it in the owners' record collection. This music falls outside any definable genre or categorisation and in all respects is a singular work of art.

Artist Website: thedurutticolumn.com

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