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Bliss orchestrated.

There’s a whimsy and joy to 'Have You In My Wilderness' that’s sorely lacking in chamber pop. Now going on 10 years since its release, Julia Holter has only continued to show her creative muscle in her other epic works (see ‘Aviary’). But this has that beautiful uplifting quality that basks in that feeling of love she is falling into across this incredible album. It's as if Florence Welch wrote 'Pet Sounds'.

Easy comparisons can be drawn to Weyes Blood, of which this is essential for fans, but also Perfume Genius, Joanna Newsom and Spellling. The album’s bright and lush production is only seconded by Julia who stands front and centre with a dynamic sense of charisma and vulnerability that only a true talent could balance.

She’s got a lot of emotional range here, just see the opener ‘Feel You’ then ‘Lucidity’ follows a similar suit with its lush, thundering drums and pace. It maintains some great momentum, but never at the expense of the delicate emotions and strings interplaying under Julia’s balladry.

In it’s darker moments of doubt or isolation, written in touching contrast to the blooming highs of the record, there’s 'Night Song' which sounds comparatively distant and longing, or 'Besty On The Roof' for something that delves more into something like hysteria.

For those already familiar with this one, there’s a great live session of these songs released by Domino in 2017 called ‘In The Same Room’. It has the songs given a bit more space and feels much looser as the songs are given the space to breathe and flow more when played live.

Whether you’re immersed in her sonic oceans or just touching the surface of her worlds, this is the perfect starting point for one of the most criminally underrated songwriters alive.

‘Have You In My Wilderness’, 'Loud City Song' and 'Aviary' are available in the Store now.

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