Amyl & Sniffers | Next Wave

Amyl and the Sniffers Next Wave

This razor-sharp debut from one of the best local talents is sure to be one for the ages.

Debuting on Rough Trade and with an ARIA award. This red hot 29-minute debut breaks through with fire and fury and left us blown away by the sheer force of the production and songwriting.

The band revises the sounds of pub rock made famous by the Saints and AC/DC, except with new energy and ideas. They have rightfully earned their acclaim from critics and peers such as KG&LW.

The driving force of the music both live and recorded is lead vocalist Amy Taylor. Her drive and talent have earned her collaborations with Sleaford Mods and Viagra Boys, consistently provides visceral, and charming performances, especially on the opener 'Starfire 500'. Her endearing occa demeanour is authentic without ever feeling forced or cheesy.

This self-titled blast of hot punk fury is highly recommended for all rock enthusiasts and is available in the store now.

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