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Charlotte Adigery & Bolis Pupil Next Wave

Seemingly coming out of nowhere, this is the first time this Belgian dance duo have come to our attention, and we couldn’t be happier about it. This is one of of most creative debuts we heard last year as it takes the neurosis of Talking Heads but mixes it with the slickness of Jessie Ware over some crisp Giorgio Moroder beats. You can hear the influences clear as day, but it builds to something greater than the sum of its parts. Between the immaculate, groovy production and Charlotte Adigery’s vocals, it’s an incredibly smooth and vibrant album that’s packed with things to like.

The production from Bolis Pupil lends a minimalist take to dance. You can hear all the elements comprising the rhythm and textures at any given time as nothing is ever buried in the mix or overdone. Just take the synth arpeggios and vocal samples on ‘Reappropriate’ or the Talking Heads tribute on ‘Making Sense Stop’ to see the handiwork of how the duo perfectly contrasts and compliments each other pending on the song. Our personal favourite is ‘It Hit Me’, which summarises the intersection the album has between sexuality, identity and society.

It’s quite a radical album that only reveals itself further with each listen, in which it holds a subtle edge that plays as one of the record's greatest strengths.Upon researching the album, we couldn’t find much besides a production credit and an initial boost from Soulwax, which explains a lot on the aesthetic side. But besides this, there isn’t much available which only adds to the mystery of where these artists will go from here. In the year that Beyonce’s ‘RENAISSANCE’ held the spotlight, this is the real dance/house record of the year.

Smart, funny and modern. It’s an original take on House with a healthy dose of humour, politics and attitude to boot. It’s one of the best debuts of 2020s

They’re making their way out here in March next year. Be sure to make the effort for these powerhouses.

‘Topical Dancer’ is available in the Store now.


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