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The turning point for one of this generation's finest.

The acclaim has been streaming in for Mitski for over a decade now, and ‘Puberty 2’ is the moment where she mastered her craft. Mitski has an incredible ability to layer stories and allusions in a complex yet emotive way.

A lesser artist would have something lost in translation but Mitski manages to consistently pull these deep feelings of confusion, betrayal and love in a seeming whirlwind of moods and rolls them into compact, punchy songs.

It’s hard to discuss her works without repeating the praise from Iggy Pop. Only one of two artists that he has given direct praise to (the other being Sleaford Mods). ‘The most advanced American songwriter that I know’ is a massive endorsement for who at the time, was fairly unknown. Pair this with the material on ‘Puberty 2’ and it's easy to see what he means.

It’s a brief but powerful record that encapsulates these complex emotions effortlessly. At moments industrial and oppressive (‘Happy’) and others transcendent (‘I Bet On Losing Dogs’), this range ebbs and flows seamlessly across this incredible album. It’s also great to see the shorter songs here (‘A Loving Feeling’ and ‘My Body's Made of Crushed Little Stars’) contain the same level of quality as the beefier ballads (‘Crack Baby’).

This was her first release for the Dead Oceans label and began a string of outstanding releases including the excellent ‘Be the Cowboy’ from 2015.

We’re focusing on the latest great American songwriter in light of her new release, ‘The Land Is Inhospitable, and So Are We’. It’s another gem in a year of incredible releases and holds up in this trilogy of amazing records.

‘Puberty 2’ and other selected works are available in the Store now.

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