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Angel Olsen is by far one of the best songwriters to come out of the 2010s The Jagjaguwar signee has been hard at it for over a decade now.

Crafting a unique revision of her influences, Siouxsie and Fleetwood Mac, her initial efforts show the melting pot of these classic sounds. But it is her 2016 album 'My Woman' shows Olsen moving her songwriting into the classic contemporary level.

The mastering of longer songs like 'Sister' and 'Woman' show an edge and clear vision for timeless structures and sounds that are hard to come by. A good example of a contemporary would be the latest from St. Vincent, but with added melancholy and social edge.

Beyond that, the album has simple, excellent songs to drive the overall experience. Breakthrough single 'Shut Up Kiss Me' is a fuzzy, passionate jam and the underrated 'Not Gonna Kill You' is the perfect counterpoint to the intimate closer 'Pops'.

Olsen has maintained a consistent output since with 'All Mirrors' (2019) reaching similar critical acclaim and continued collaborative efforts, reimaginings and EP's show Olsen flexing her diverse range of genres. But we believe 'My Woman' is the tipping point where a good artist shifted into a great one and made one of the best records in recent memory.

After many repeat-listens, we can't recommend this one any higher, and we implore you to give it a listen immediately.

'My Woman' and 'All Mirrors' are available in the Store now.

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