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Japanese Breakfast continues the Dead Oceans hot streak with a set of playful and layered pop songs.

'Jubilee' on its surface is a collection of diverse, yet consistent stories and reflections from Dead Oceans signee, Michelle Zauner aka Japanese Breakfast. But over repeat listens, the passion works its way to the forefront and makes for an incredible piece of work.

There's a sense of honesty that keeps the grander moments of 'Jubilee' based in the real world. No matter how groovy or extravagant the songs become, they always feel lived-in and personable. It's a rare trait for an album seemingly bursting with bright sounds and synthesiser bliss to have tales of heartbreak, personal growth and mistakes woven into the sounds without missing a beat. This is done not so much in a New Order sensibility, but rather in that of her labelmate Phoebe Bridgers, except far more colourful.

This makes 'Jubilee' more and more likeable with every listen, and is serving as a perfect companion record with its highs and lows presenting a compelling picture of life in both sometimes sombre acoustics ('Posing For Cars') and fun electro-pop ('Be Sweet'). And of course, there's the 808 laced 'Posing In Bondage' which is one of our favourite songs of last year.

Even though I'm late to the party with the 'Jubilee' praise, it's still a brilliant record and comes highly recommended.

'Jubilee' is available in the Store now.

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