What's Your Pleasure? | Feature

Jessie Ware Next Wave

The brilliance of the 2020 masterpiece, 'What's Your Pleasure?' lies in its thick production laced with enchanting grooves that drive you to dance.

Call it disco, call it pop, it doesn't matter. Jessie Ware has always handled her influences well, with several good-to-great releases hinting at her full potential. But something clicks here with songwriting and performances to elevate Ware's sound to a new dreamlike level.

Could this be what heaven would sound like if it was a nightclub? Ware crafts 50 odd minutes of pure rhythmic escapism as she sways and strides through funk, pop and disco with ease and grace.

Front to back the album drips with silken bass and shimmering synth leads. 'Soul Control' and opener 'Spotlight' are prime examples of this. Earworm hooks are in abundance, with the title track and our personal favourite, 'Ooh La La'. Everyone is bound to find their favourites on this album that's packed with gems as vibrant and fun as this.

By far one of the best musical experiences in recent years, and a landmark release for those who love to dance. Highly recommended.

'What's Your Pleasure?' is available in the Store now.

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