Idiot Prayer | Feature

Feature Album Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Intimate, Haunting and Brilliant.

The raw talent of Nick Cave is on full display with this isolated live recording of Nick simply alone at his piano. The album is a logical continuation of his QnA engagement he recently completed which saw him open with a small set of songs similar to those heard here.

Paired with the crystal clear recording and mixing alongside renditions of the newest material from the yet to be released live 'Ghosteen', the album makes for a special event rather than a standard live record.

Nick proves himself once again worthy of his critical acclaim. The hits ('Into My Arms'), new gems ('Jubilee Street') and fan favourites ('Papa Won't Leave You, Henry') are all present, making it a great listen for fans of all types. There is also the debut of 'Euthanasia', which promises another round of perfection due on the next Bad Seeds project.

Until then, 'Idiot Prayer (Nick Cave Alone in Alexandra Palace)' serves as an incredible statement and listen from one of the greatest artists of all time.

Available now in the store.

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