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Feature Album King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

L.W is the cherry on top of the Microtonal Trilogy from the band that can do no wrong.

King Gizzard should be no stranger to you by now. Having destroyed the last decade by taking on a multi-faceted, ever-shifting approach to rock, Melbourne's hottest export has continued to deliver again and again. The Microtonal Trilogy began with 2017's 'Flying Microtonal Banana' that featured the cornerstone, 7-minute epic 'Rattlesnake', as well as some of our favourite Gizz deep cuts ('Sleep Drifter' and 'Doom City), as well as spawning Stu Mackenzie's signature yellow microtonal guitar.

All then went quiet for three years on the Microtonal front, as 2017 was the monumental year where 5 projects were released across 12 months. The band tore up the European and American touring circuit, and cemented themselves with 2019's universally acclaimed thrash nightmare 'Infest the Rat's Nest'. After 'Fishing for Fishies' (2020) and two live albums, the brother/sister pairing of 'K.G' and our favourite of the two, 'L.W.' followed in 2020 and 2021.

'L.W' throws a lolly bag of genres in for a colourful mix of funk, doom metal, prog and bare-bones rock, it explores all corners of the King Gizzard repertoire with 43 minutes of gold. Having been released for a little while now, we can safely say it is one of our favourite releases from King Gizz due to the easily approachable and varied tracks that scratch all the itches made from the new lords.

We're also chuffed to say that the Sydney show for the Micro-tour that we reviewed (scroll down) has been recorded and released on YouTube as a concert film, and released on streaming services. It is a deep privilege that we feel to have documented a piece of the legacy this band continues to build, and it couldn't sound any better.

Amongst other KG favourites of ours, 'L.W.' is available in the store now, fresh from Flightless and featuring a paper sleeve as a part of the removal of plastic from the packaging by the label.

And the band's 18th studio record, 'Butterfly 3000' is released tomorrow.

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