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'Shore' is the next logical step in the Fleet Foxes canon.

Robin Pecknold expands on the grander structures of 2017's 'Crack-Up' with a simple concept record of escape and relaxation in the wake of the 2020 unrest. Pecknold uses the tried and true sounds of Brian Wilson and Neil Young to craft a quiet, introspective record which comes sees the band come full circle, with a return to the basics of the debut without feeling cheap or nostalgicThe urgency of 'Shore' is its biggest drawcard. The simplicity may turn away some, but there is no shortage of excellent material here to satisfy fans and newcomers. The radio-ready 'Can I Believe You' serves as another easy single to the humour of 'Young Man's Game' which edges closer in songwriting to a Father John Misty song, hinting further at their shared history. The tribute to David Berman is as tasteful as it is touching, and should hopefully turn more listeners towards his material with Silver Jews and Purple Mountains. The core aesthetic of things though is best reflected in the first two songs, 'Wading in Waist-High Water; and 'Sunblind', as they portray idyllic beaches with signature loud-soft dynamics.

Although it may overstay its welcome in length, 'Shore' is another surprising step in the brief but incredible discography of the one and only Fleet Foxes.

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