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FKA Twigs aims for a religious catharsis through swirling electronica and a moody infusion of the sounds of Massive Attack and Janet Jackson.

FKA Twigs has established herself as a critical and fan idol across the last decade. The incredible run of 'LP1' (2014), 'M3LL155X' (2015), and the landmark 'Magdalene' (2019 has given way to a unique voice within the realms of pop and electronica.

FKA Twigs tends to gravitate towards concepts with the melodrama of heartbreak and personal trauma. All of which is performed over sharp synthesisers and wobbly, deep bass lines. This all evolves across her first few releases, which leads to the high concept of religious and social themes explored on 'Magdalene'. The album conceptualises the legacy of Mary Magdalene through Twig's own experiences over layered, dark production from OPN and Nicholas Jarr.

It's also worth giving props to her incredible stage productions which further channels the thematic concepts into a dark opera that boasts elaborate stage designs, sword fighting and pole dancing. All of which was seen on the last tour of Australia for VIVID 2019.

For fans of Grimes, Massive Attack and Bjork.

'Magdalene' and 'M3LL155X' Available Now.

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