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Hatchie has blown us all out of the water with her follow-up to 2019’s ‘Keepsake’ with a thoughtful and glistening pop masterpiece.

Every listen of ‘Giving the World Away’ reveals another level of magic. The bright instrumental palette isn’t afraid to delve into hard-hitting low-end to build a complete sensory overload.

Just listen to the opener ‘Lights On’ for how dream-pop can be enhanced with the generous helping of sub. From the shimmering style of ‘This Enchanted’, to the quiet beauty of ‘Sunday Song’, there is an impressive range on the record. The album is versatile without ever overstepping its liberties, which can be attributed to the outstanding, crystalline production on every single track.

This can go toe-to-toe with any major pop release of the last five years and easily thwart the best of them. And there’s the lead single, ‘Quicksand’, which has continued to grow on us since hearing it early last year. It’s another perfectly packaged pop song that shines as both a single and in the flow of the album.

The production from Dan Nigro adds a lot of glossy depth to the already stellar group on songs on the album. This is one of our favourite pop releases in recent years and is a testament to the emerging talent here in Aus.

‘Giving the World Away’ is available in the Store now. 

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