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Moor Mother is an artist of rare calibre and is as vicious as she can be cosmic.

There’s not enough praise we can sing of Moor Mother in one article. Her musical endeavours in less than a decade have been truly incredible as she branches from jazz to no-wave to rap then electronica and then in out of each at any given time.

Which is probably the best way to describe Jazz codes. It’s a colourful amalgamation of all her previous gems which shows how versatile yet visceral her creative nerve is.

Her style in her own words is ‘Black Quantum Futurism’. We’d describe it as the Comet is Coming meets Lingua Ignota meets JPEGMAFIA. ‘Jazz Codes’ showcases MM's ability to weave these vast sonic styles into a tapestry of myth, politics and biography, resulting in a compendium of rich and varied tracks.

See opener ‘Umzansi’ with its immaculate harp and the alt-rap magic with Akai Solo on ‘Rap Jasm’ for the diverse ground the album treads. It’s difficult to wrap up all the content presented on ‘Jazz Codes’ within a single write-up, which is why it demands listening from all those interested in what the new frontiers of music sound like.

Historically, these are the sonic paths that Pharaoh Sanders, David Bowie and Dialek blazed, and Moor Mother now explores them further than ever before.

‘Jazz Codes’ is available in the Store now.

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