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After their promising EPs ‘Beavercore’ and ‘Wicked City’, Jockstrap delivered one of the best records of last year in impeccable style.

For those unfamiliar, Jockstrap is a collaborative project between Black Country, New Road members Georgia Ellery and Taylor Skye. It would be easy to write them off just as a BC, NR side project, but they have quickly destroyed any preconceptions of their ability to innovate and surprise with this gem of a record.

'ILYJB' is a masterclass on how to take the best parts of folk and meld them with contemporary electronica over beats sometimes glitchy and others glistening. It’s a combination that would scare off or fail lesser artists, but Jockstrap experiments with ease and deliver ten songs over pure bliss that bounce from intimacy over to a surprising amount of unassuming lust and complexity.

Once you get past the mind-bending arrangements and genre-blends, the album shows itself as a vulnerable and beautiful character portrait that balances desires emotional and sexual (‘Greatest Hits’ & ‘Jennifer B’) with a back-and-forth of confusion (‘What’s It All About?’), reflection (‘Angst’) and sadness (‘Debra’).

After several months of repeat listens, it has only gotten better and better. It remains a highlight of 2022 and one of the most exciting demonstrations of experimentation from a new generation. Essential listening.

‘I Love You, Jennifer B’ is available in the Store now.

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