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070 Shake Next Wave

This gem from the newest prodigy of GOOD Music shows star power of a rare calibre.

It’s always great to see a label throw its weight behind new artists. After cutting her teeth with contributions to the legendary GOOD Music 2018 run (‘Daytona’, ‘Nasir’ and ‘ye’), 070 Shake managed to get all the signature names behind her debut album.

Boasting production from Mike Dean and Francis and the Lights whilst sounding as crisp and deep as any major release, ‘Modus Vivendi’ (translation, ‘way of life’) is an atmospheric electronic journey through interpolations of pop and R&B that borders on hyper aesthetics with its synth-drenched instrumentals and vocals.

At one moment resembling Bjork, the next Yeezus then Charli XCX, the album draws a line between these electronic pioneers by taking their ideas and working them all into one luscious experience. ‘The Pines’ interpolates the famous Lead Belly ballad with strings and autotune to boot, whilst the core hit ‘Guilty Conscience’ sounds like Adele if she was on ‘808s and Heartbreak’. It’s an innovative combo that shows major crossover potential whilst pleasing nerds. Other highlights include ‘Nice to Have’ and the Ebonys cover ‘It’s Forever’. Simultaneously glistening and heartfelt, ‘Modus Vivendi’ is enveloped in an appreciation of electronica rarely heard on a debut. Essential for pop/R&B/rap fans.

070 Shake proceeded this gem with 2022’s ‘You Can’t Kill Me’ (also recommended, and will be visiting AUS in July for SITG.

‘Modus Vivendi’ is available in the Shop now.

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