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The colourful moods of KKB show one of the most original pop acts to come out of the last decade.

Playing with pop sounds whilst focusing on simplicity and fun, this British trio has obtained a cult following due to the bright aesthetics and orbiting of critical music spheres.

The group acknowledge the dynamic of the fanbase as they attract equal parts teenage girls and Swans fans (much to the likes of Carly Rae Jepsen), except KKB steer into the skid with Death Grips covers and relatively heavier sounds (see 2018's 'Time 'n' Place').

From the kitschy bubblegum sounds of the debut, 'Bonito Generation', to the evolving bolder instrumentals on Civilisation compilation, the band have shown themselves to be much more than the cute pop band they pose as on 'Flamingo' or the Bugsnax soundtrack.

The charisma of lead Sarah Bonito is infectious across all releases due to her ongoing optimism and unique personality. All of which is building over an initially bizarre, but gradually profound genius that is the diverse catalogue of KKB.

'Civilisation' Available in Store Now

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