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Emma Swift Next Wave

It's not the usual thing for us to feature a covers album, but the elegant takes of Emma Swift on the Bob Dylan catalogue have wrapped us with her softer approaches to the legend's hits, favourites and newer material.

Swift has quickly earned herself some serious international recognition with her endearing handling of these much-protected songs. The guiding production from Pat Sansone of Wilco makes things sound more meditative and subtle. This allows Swift's voice to steal the show more than the word's of Dylan, and make for an incredible set of covers.

From the lead single of 2020's 'Rough and Rowdy Ways', 'I Contain Multitudes', her immediate cover highlights both Dylan's legendary writing and Swift's ability to handle this brilliant material with care.

She elevates it at the best of time into softer lights, as the best-covered material should, and shows new sides to the original. Just hear 'A Simple Twist of Fate' or 'Sad Eyed Lady of the Lowlands' for the best examples of her subtle excellence.

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