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Somewhere in the ruins of post-rock, classical and death metal lies the tortured beauty of Lingua Ignota ('unknown language'). Across three incredible releases, the third of which being released yesterday, Kristin Hayter has found herself unmatched with a creative lane of her own.

The sparse unsettling piano chords are complimented by prolonged howls and cries of sorrow, anger and warnings of violence to come, making the tense atmosphere of the records equally memorable and traumatic. These dynamics lead to soaring highs and crushing depths of loathing and spite, 2019's 'Caligula' being the shining example of this. It's predecessor 'All Bitches Die' is a landmark for release in its own right, however 'Caligula' scalded itself into our listening with tracks such as 'Do You Doubt Me Traitor' and 'Spite Alone Holds Me Aloft'.

These biblical concepts cut through all defences to scar right at such a primal level. It's rare to feel so marred after a listen ('You Won't Get What You Want' or 'A Crow Looked At Me' come to mind). In quieter moments of strings and organs, a transcendent beauty can be found, warms spots of sonic comfort between experiencing the musical equivalent of self-flagellation. And it is an experience that is unrivalled in originality or weight.

After a few listens of yesterday's release 'Sinner Get Ready', we can safely confirm good things are abound from this one, with it being another visceral helping of seemingly cursed post-rock.

'Sinner Get Ready' Available in Store Now

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