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Chelsea Wolfe has created a harrowing mix of drone and acoustic aesthetics to create a clear and exciting sound that she has pursued and experimented with over the last ten years.

Her sound is equal parts Leonard Cohen and Sun O))). The contrast between the harsh electronics and gentle, quiet moments are at their best on her 2015 standout effort 'Abyss'. The album marked her sound achieving the best balancing of these aesthetics, only to be continued on 2019's 'Birth of Violence' which again works along her established spectrum to continued success with critics and fans.

Wolfe was also involved in the excellent 'Blood Moon' project featuring members of Converge, Neurosis and Cave. It entailed an extended live performance set that showcases the strengths of all these bands, with Wolfe's contributions being a highlight alongside Jacob Bannon's crushing vocals (if you haven't heard 2001's, 'Jane Doe', get to it).

For a listener looking for something significantly darker and heavier, but with moments of clarity, look no further than Chelsea Wolfe.

'Birth of Violence' and 'Abyss' Available Now.

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